Reverse Tabular Method? The 19 Correct Answer

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Reverse Tabular Method

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How do I divide polynomials?

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To divide polynomials using long division, first divide the first term of the dividend by the first term of the divisor. This is the first term of the quotient. Multiply the new term by the divisor, and subtract this product from the dividend. This difference is the new dividend.

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How do you divide polynomials step by step?

How To: Given two polynomials, use synthetic division to divide
  1. Write k for the divisor.
  2. Write the coefficients of the dividend.
  3. Bring the leading coefficient down.
  4. Multiply the leading coefficient by k. …
  5. Add the terms of the second column.
  6. Multiply the result by k. …
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the remaining columns.

How do we divide polynomials?

Dividing Polynomials Using Long Division
  1. Divide the first term of the dividend (4x2) by the first term of the divisor (x), and put that as the first term in the quotient (4x).
  2. Multiply the divisor by that answer, place the product (4x2 - 12x) below the dividend.
  3. Subtract to create a new polynomial (7x - 21).
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What is the reverse tabular method?

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Instead of starting with the highest degree terms in each polynomial, pick each one up by the tail and start with the smallest degree terms? Flipping the polynomials around so they are backwards while using a grid makes it reasonable to call this the backwards reverse tabular method.

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