TO EAT MORE DELICIOUS EVERY DAY How to increase “appetite”?


How to increase “appetite”?

“Anorexia” has been and is a common phenomenon in modern life today. There are many causes, but the most common are feelings of discomfort, stress, anxiety, and fatigue that make you have no appetite for daily meals.

1. Prioritize favorite dishes

You will find it easier to eat more of the foods you really love. For favorite foods, you tend to eat more than usual and can eat for many days in a row without feeling bored. If it’s a nutritious dish, this is really a huge advantage that you need to take advantage of.

2. Create a relaxing atmosphere

Do not eat in a hurry because of the thought that “eat just to live” or “eat on time”. Think of each meal as a moment for us to let go of all our troubles, a time when the family gathers together to talk, eat and laugh. Only then can you truly enjoy the rich flavor of each meal.

3. Regular exercise

It sounds “irrelevant” but exercise will improve your anorexia a lot. Your body is designed to “thirst” for more energy from food after burning a certain amount of calories, so you’ll always feel hungry after exercising. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy in the gym to do this. A brisk walk outside in the fresh air half an hour before a meal can also help stimulate appetite.

4. Beautiful food presentation

If it’s good, “wood” is better than “paint”, there’s nothing like it. Form always plays a strong role in creating a feeling of excitement before enjoying. A dish that is neatly presented, eye-catching will stimulate and motivate you to want to eat right away and eat more.

5. Add dessert fruit

Fresh fruit, fruit juice or smoothies, especially those high in vitamin C, with a mild sour and sweet taste, are foods that stimulate your appetite and help you feel better.” bored” than after the main meal. Besides, they also provide you with a natural amount of sugar to help you stay healthy and young. In addition, dairy-based foods that are good for the digestive system like Yakult will support your digestive system to work better and help you avoid bloating and gas after eating.

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